NavGaea Microgreens

Where Flavor and Nutrition Meet!

Are you the kind of person who is ready for the freshest of microgreens to wake up your taste buds to new flavors and culinary adventures?

YES? Great! You are in the right space!

We are a newly launched microgreen company in the Saskatoon area. We focus all our efforts on producing microgreens of exceptional quality of a variety of delicate and flavorful crops for our customers. 

Our microgreens are produced in soilless media with nothing other than water and light and delivered directly to our customers as a ready to eat product within hours of harvest. Because of this, we have chosen to be a hyper-local company, focusing on serving Saskatoon and area so that our customers and friends have the freshest of microgreens that they crave.

We are excited and looking forward to adding value to your culinary prowess with our microgreens.

Out of Stock items

"Waste not; Want not", they say, and we agree. So we avoid overproduction and waste. Please do not be surprised if all of our microgreen products are not available at all times. It just means that the next batch is a day or so away from being ready. AND you can always Pre-Order any of our products (and save some money) to ensure delivery.

Pre-Ordering Microgreens (like to plan ahead? Pre-Order and save money!)

To Pre-Order any of our products please select the Pre-Order category from the menu above and order as usual. A PRE-ORDER DISCOUNT of 10% will be applied at checkout. Please remember that we only deliver in the Saskatoon area.